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this and that and everything…

October 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Ummm… what was i going to say… complaining about school, life, exams and everything…. all those rambles…

Anyway time is ticking down… 12am soon gonnna grow up soon again but it all doesn’t mean anything. By the time i grow up again the next time, i suppose things will be better or if not more promising I hope… Life still moves on as usual vrOOm vrOOm. 10min countdown pOOf!

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October 16, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s been some time huh since I last visited this press machine >.<! Overwhelming assignments and CAs and dailies of life so I just consolidated everything  and now imma releasing it all…

Let’s see…. well studying hard = scoring well? Not exactly the case as it always have been in Uni, feels more than study hard and study smart >_<  *stares at the overwhelming hill infront of him* Somehow it’s more over whelming when I compare my plight with another friend who studies in Canada. It’s so much more relaxed for him. Up until now, I’ve been asking me this same question over and over again…. have I made the right choice in going to Uni or should I have just gone straight to SAILING rather. FYI studying isn’t my thing but I still chose it :((

——- ._____. ——–

Meh! This has been happening on and on. I wonder is having a girlfriend that important? For every little function or meetup I have with my friends… the first thing they would ask me is…..

Friend: “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Me: “No.”

Friend: “How come?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

Friend: “Why don’t you know?”

Me: “Because I just don’t have one and I’m not chasing for one nor is anyone chasing me.”

…. goes on and on…

There it goes on and on as they try and pry an answer out from me. Eventually they always don’t get an answer out from me simply. No matter what I say it doesn’t exactly help. They’ll just say u’re not trying hard enough…. ah come on i’m not looking for a mate. When the fate and affinity comes I’ll eventually have one why the worry. Thx to all those people who worry for me.

PS: I think I’m the only person who reads my blog so it’s fine.

Well for one who doesn’t have a GF at all. Note none at all in my 24 years of my life, I have like lots of people who come to talk to me about BGR problems like breaking up quarreling and stuff. Sheesh maybe someone who doesn’t have a GF is someone good to talk to, can console and give better advice? I don’t know till now. But I’m more than willing to listen to any problems you all have. On 2 of them I talked to about was both of them broke up… well reason given was the guy couldn’t give girl enough time. Ummm kinda subjective.



Well whatever it is from both cases, I know both the guys here have made lots of effort and given up a lot of their time for their beloved one or used to be beloved one. sigh…. reminds me one of the thing i always tell my friend when they ask if why I don’t have a GF…. I’ll leave that for some time later.

———- (o)____(o) ———–

Finally, I’ve decided to get my guards. The jaw clicking’s still there >.<! Can’t eat food that too big like HEIGHT wise or too hard if not they’ll click even harder. ARGH…! what is this

Anyway the guard’s just preventive measure to stop my unknown grinding and clenching. There’s no cure for it as it is a PSYCHOLOGICAL thing. Ah.. well I told my friend…. “U got a psycho friend!’ LAWL!

Ok that’s all for the day ~_~ early morning 11.40am PRESS MACHINE!





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