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xMas to 2012….

A friend now in Canada asked me what I did during xMas day…. I told him that I was home for the day. Shocked he was… but I wasn’t myself. I was asked why i didn’t call my friends out. I was like because it is so… but anyway I did go out for supper? / dinner? late almost midnight that day….

A short lil summary it was… but basically this made me think do you really have to ask your friends out and stuff on these special days. Sure it would be nice but how significant would it be?

During xMas eve, I did go out and was kinda grateful that one of them made it although he was having fever for the day. *bows*

Going back to me…. I don’t think I’m the kind who would call people out and stuff or rather I think I’d rather leave them on their own. I’m rather not too keen on disturbing people especially when they might have things better to do than coming to meet up with me.  You can call this a good thing or bad thing?

I don’t know… 

So forgive me if I don’t actually contact you like forever. I’ve not forgotten you, it’s just that I find no reason to ask people out or start messaging people out of nowhere.

Others might just call me anti-social but I don’t think that to be the case, that’s if you know me well enough. Well because of that most of my friends would go… “Can you free some time out and look less busy?” but in fact I’m just free. Almost all the time I’m just 1 call or sms away from leaving home.

But well this also made me think of…

1) How many friends does 1 need?

2) Sure you can have like many many friends but how many of them would you actually call a true friend?

3) How many of those friends can you actually share your problems with?

4) How many of those friends can you actually freely ask them out?

5) How many of those friends will find time just for you?

For me I can only count a hand worth of people who I can do that with and 1/2 of them are actually currently studying abroad. Great isn’t it? Maybe my turn would be next… just maybe….

Somehow as time passes through to 2012, everything seemed so different.  The same things you did before will never feel or be the same anymore.

Things happen…

Places changes….

People change…

But well that’s part of life isn’t it…. adapting to changes and stuff.

Written too much stuff I feel… about time I stop. ( Not gonna flood 1   page with this post DX )

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