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Mmmm…. I guess….

February 28, 2012 1 comment

Rather than fishing line, it’s becoming more of a elastic band that’s not going to break unless a scissors or something else sharp cuts it up. Well that time will happen soon enough I guess.
It’s not about the choices you make… but it’s the important decisions that you make that will eventually affect you.
Moving on to some other stuff… people mature as they grow up don’t they? Makes one wonder why some people don’t and well just act naive and probably childish. Maybe it’s the kind of place and environment that one is brought up and the things that he has been through. It’s really amazing how that can actually mould us into the kind of character you are.
That brings me back to myself. If you actually know my online nickname, i’ve always wondered why I chose that as my nickname. Now I’m starting to discover how a random nick I gave myself unknowingly speaks quite a lot about me. It makes me feel like a carrier and I’m spreading it to other people. More recently the thing about bad karma and luck have been been so focused on me. Gosh am I a magnet for bad things. This kinda made me conclude for who I am. Sad but it’s the truth for all the things that I have been through.
No matter what it is, i’m always in the wrong. No matter how valid the answer is it always gets invalidated. In truth
you can never win…
you can never throw your tantrums…
you can never do the wrong things…
Almost like the perfect being. Is that even possible? It simply is impossible as no one perfect and without imperfections this world wouldn’t be so perfect. Like our Earth that looks so smooth from far but if one were to look closely the surface is not so smooth. It is those imperfections that would create the wonders of the world.

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Mmmm somewhere… somehow… somewhat… part 2…

February 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Ah well… I think I have consolidated enough ramblings.
Like a fishing line things have been described as of recently. Has it occurred that this fishing line one day is removed and swapped with a fishing net or maybe to nothing at all.
So what is exactly needed? The continual presence or maybe just behind the scenes presence. Possibly a balance of both especially at times that have been so volatile lately. It just seems like 1 wrong move might just get things haywire. No matter what one does to get things right, it just doesn’t help in the cause. Suddenly miraculously without doing anything it recovers back to normal again. Amazing isn’t it? It’s probably life as unpredictable as it gets or maybe how another species has evolved differently.
Wasn’t this what I have been aiming for? I certainly think so. I certainly hope for it to happen more swiftly and silently as how I’ve always done things but things have not been in my control at crucial times. Well, that has hindered the progress in a way.
As the era dawns (I suppose that’s the way I prefer to call it), just like how the Roman Empire fell due to complacency, I think history is going to repeat by itself. I’ve predicted it happening a few times but all those times it was just missing the last kick and maybe the timing isn’t right. Just like how empires don’t fall overnight. They need to be conquered city by city and eventually when you reach the capital attack and destroy it. You don’t wait for them to surrender. Like the case of Hannibal vs The Romans. ( It’s a good read of you guys are interested in it and you know i’m never the history kind of person ) Maybe I’m just too soft inside… yes I know SOFTIE D: (bet someone’s laughing)
We age and pass away as time passes but time doesn’t. It just moves on and on not waiting for anyone. It will not mourn or regret for anyone. It’s just how well one uses it to the fullest.

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Somewhere… Somehow… Something… part 1 maybe?

February 6, 2012 Leave a comment

In certain parts of ur life, time has gotten a little faster sometimes it is moving a little. I suppose I’m the kind waiting for time to pass by. 24 years into my schooling life going into the 25th year I can say, I’m just very sick of this studying as some of my friends my vouch. They probably think the same way. Also due to some other reasons I guess I wished this time would move faster. Everyone’s been saying time is running out you need to take action but I think it’s a good thing that this time is running out without me doing anything. I suppose I do want to see how things will actually roll out and settle down in the future. It could either end up the same way it is now or a complete changeover in my life. With the possible departure of 1, it could mean that that whole line of domino that came along with it would start falling and push me back to square 1.

I suppose this can link me up to the fact that:

One can never realize that have lost something important to them, until it is too late for them and it slips away from them. At least to me, it’s like a fisherman’s game with a fish but that fish is never going to be caught. Imagine a fisherman with his fishing rod, with his prey hooked on, he starts reeling in saying “YES, I’ve caught something!” but they always say never count your chickens before they are born. This particular fish is still not caught, it’s just that the fisherman has suddenly grasp something important to him creating a link between the two of them. Even while the fish is up on the boat, it’s still not considered caught as long as it has this will to jump out or by chance gets swept out of the ocean. When that happens the link between them is lost.

By then when that happens, one starts realizing how important that certain something is to them by then it could have been too late. The end result can just be irreversible and that mental scar unknowingly. It just needs a catalyst to churn out that reaction just like how Chemical A & B in Chemistry gives a kaBoom effect.

It just happens that one is just too complacent taking everything around them for granted. Nothing can be there for you all the time. An example… your parents they can be there to see you through a certain portion of your life. They do grow old mind you and leave you (die). Things will never be the same all the time… people change and evolve… situation changes… things happen… That’s just life isn’t it, unpredictable.

Like my game of  fisherman catching the fish, we are all holding many fishing lines. Whether to reel in or out,  both of which has its limits. The fishing line is never infinite…  too much and u loose sight… too little the line might just snap. Maybe you just need to change your game plan completely and it’ll all work out All the time making decisions, sure people around can make a difference and influence what you say. Some inspirational some are full crap and bullshit (no offense to anyone but well no one reads this anyway… courteous y sake). In the end of the day, the decision boils down to you. IMO, any decision you make so long as you’re happy it’s fine isn’t it. You’re living your own life for now that is unless you have some commitment that complicates your life to a certain extent. To some or possibly all of us, these decisions are possibly the most dreaded one could ever make. Though the worst thing one can do is not make any decision and leave things hanging by the thread. Potentially it’s like walking ticking time bomb. kaBoom it goes anytime any moment.

…. okay…. enough of all these just 1 part i hope…. *shrugs*

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