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Mmmm somewhere… somehow… somewhat… part 2…

Ah well… I think I have consolidated enough ramblings.
Like a fishing line things have been described as of recently. Has it occurred that this fishing line one day is removed and swapped with a fishing net or maybe to nothing at all.
So what is exactly needed? The continual presence or maybe just behind the scenes presence. Possibly a balance of both especially at times that have been so volatile lately. It just seems like 1 wrong move might just get things haywire. No matter what one does to get things right, it just doesn’t help in the cause. Suddenly miraculously without doing anything it recovers back to normal again. Amazing isn’t it? It’s probably life as unpredictable as it gets or maybe how another species has evolved differently.
Wasn’t this what I have been aiming for? I certainly think so. I certainly hope for it to happen more swiftly and silently as how I’ve always done things but things have not been in my control at crucial times. Well, that has hindered the progress in a way.
As the era dawns (I suppose that’s the way I prefer to call it), just like how the Roman Empire fell due to complacency, I think history is going to repeat by itself. I’ve predicted it happening a few times but all those times it was just missing the last kick and maybe the timing isn’t right. Just like how empires don’t fall overnight. They need to be conquered city by city and eventually when you reach the capital attack and destroy it. You don’t wait for them to surrender. Like the case of Hannibal vs The Romans. ( It’s a good read of you guys are interested in it and you know i’m never the history kind of person ) Maybe I’m just too soft inside… yes I know SOFTIE D: (bet someone’s laughing)
We age and pass away as time passes but time doesn’t. It just moves on and on not waiting for anyone. It will not mourn or regret for anyone. It’s just how well one uses it to the fullest.

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