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Mmmm…. I guess….

Rather than fishing line, it’s becoming more of a elastic band that’s not going to break unless a scissors or something else sharp cuts it up. Well that time will happen soon enough I guess.
It’s not about the choices you make… but it’s the important decisions that you make that will eventually affect you.
Moving on to some other stuff… people mature as they grow up don’t they? Makes one wonder why some people don’t and well just act naive and probably childish. Maybe it’s the kind of place and environment that one is brought up and the things that he has been through. It’s really amazing how that can actually mould us into the kind of character you are.
That brings me back to myself. If you actually know my online nickname, i’ve always wondered why I chose that as my nickname. Now I’m starting to discover how a random nick I gave myself unknowingly speaks quite a lot about me. It makes me feel like a carrier and I’m spreading it to other people. More recently the thing about bad karma and luck have been been so focused on me. Gosh am I a magnet for bad things. This kinda made me conclude for who I am. Sad but it’s the truth for all the things that I have been through.
No matter what it is, i’m always in the wrong. No matter how valid the answer is it always gets invalidated. In truth
you can never win…
you can never throw your tantrums…
you can never do the wrong things…
Almost like the perfect being. Is that even possible? It simply is impossible as no one perfect and without imperfections this world wouldn’t be so perfect. Like our Earth that looks so smooth from far but if one were to look closely the surface is not so smooth. It is those imperfections that would create the wonders of the world.

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  1. HaMz
    March 27, 2012 at 2:38 pm

    You could always call yourself h4ppyman o.o

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