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life as it is…. …..

December 23, 2011 Leave a comment

meH… exams it’s that time of the year where you start realizing how helpless you are. while writing this i’m just 3 out of 6 papers done… and i don’t feel like writing anymore….

*ah well i’ll slowly catch up on several post… although this took days of procrastination…


Anyway now that exams are over it doesn’t mean I can enjoy my holidays. It just means that phase 1 over start of phase 2 which is my final year project. My exams this time round feels just like any other exam I’ve taken in uni just that this time it started with a BANG and ended with a BOOM…

BANG…. the first paper was horrible could barely count the number of marks i could score…

BOOM…. i was late for my last paper! Well Iwoke up at 9am… and it was raining heavily outside almost couldn’t get a cab and anyway got to the exam hall late for 5min…. another 5min was wasted walking in and out 4 times because first i forgot my pencil case… 2nd cheatsheet… 3rd wrong cheatsheet…

PS: Luckily that last paper wasn’t exactly hard….


Technically speaking this will be my 2nd last semester in uni and while typing this i’m on my way to the last semester of uni. During these 3 years of Uni, I’ve always thought of  the Degree as literally a piece of toilet paper for entry level jobs and your starting pay. Other than this, I think that paper is literally useless. Questions of my life, achievements and what I should have done just floats up in my mind….

Should I have entered uni…?

I never was the study guy, I think I would have fared better sailing on a vessel honing up my hands on skills and also travelling to different countries. Although if that occurred some things might not have been how it is now…. have i made the right choice?

What have I achieved in uni…?

Practically nothing…. i dun think i learnt much since most of the stuff just disappears after exam…. probably the most fufilling is getting the scholarship but all that has got nothing to do with uni nor has it helped me in any way.  Eventually, this has brought back to the 1st question whether entering uni was the right to do….

Since my uni life is coming to a curtains down, overall I do not think it’s such a bad experience with a complete overhaul as compared to my poly life. Meeting up with new friends though i do not know whether they will last throughout my life. Stuff that happened that will last in my memories forever and many many things that i regret that I’ve not done. All these would not happened if I chose otherwise. Another route in life will slowly unveil itself to me though I’m sure where I’ll be heading already…. …..


Somehow the wait is over… yet again I passed another semester scrapped through it with a couple of carrots but still phew… i did it somehow my efforts did not go down the drain. Especially on certain subjects that i was quite certain i was gonna flung them but somehow i did it… Carrots and Bananas are just hard to get, if i ever get them it’s just consolation i guess ._.

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